Friday, June 18, 2010

Party Puzzles

You have thrown a party, all your friends have crowded your living room, the music is on at full blast and everyone is having a gala time. Suddenly, the music stops and the room becomes silent. The “entertainment” you had for your friends is no long there. What do you do now?

As it turns out, almost everyone likes to be entertained by a good puzzle, or quiz. And with no other way to entertain your friends, turning to the right kind of puzzles/quizzes could a great way to liven up the evening. Be careful to choose something that doesn’t require a high IQ, yet something that they probably haven’t heard before.

You can pick up intriguing party puzzles from almost anywhere. Questions can be related to incidents that happened, or funny stuff that never did. You may also give them problems, the solutions of which can be achieved by logical deductions.

The best party puzzles will be the ones that involve them doing something. Ask someone, for example, to put his/her entire body through a business card. Or to put an egg into a bottle the mouth of which is smaller than the egg’s widest point (without damaging the bottle, of course). A simple search for terms like party puzzles will throw up a host of possibilities you can use to entertain your friends at the next get together. And you can be assured that if you pull of the first few tricks well, they will keep coming back for more!

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